Baby Shoe Size Chart đź‘Ł

What should you look for in a shoe for someone just learning to walk? How will you know if it fits?

There are a few things to look for:

  • Flexibility: Forget stiff styles. Flexibility is important, as it allows a child’s musculature to develop in a normal fashion so that they can develop their arch appropriately.
  • Non-skid soles: Look for soles that give traction and won’t be slippery on smooth surfaces.
  • Comfy fit: The shoes you purchase shouldn't need to be “broken in” to be worn. They should fit comfortably from the start.
  • Size: Because each country has different size label, we recommend to measure your child's foot length to choose the correct size. Here's an approximate baby shoe size chart:
Shoe Size Heel to Toe (in inches) Heel to Toe (cm)
1 4.8 12.3
2 5.0 12.8
3 5.2 13.3
4 5.4 13.8
5 5.6 14.3
6 5.8 14.8
7 6.0 15.3
8 6.2 15.8
9 6.4 16.3
10 6.6 16.8

*For example: the baby foot length 4.8 in, need to choose the insole length is 5.2 in. because need to give the socks 0.4 in space.

If you can't determine the size, please send information to us, we will help to choose.

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